How can I Download Ringtone in Samsung J7?

It’s very easy and simple to Download Ringtone for your Samsung Galaxy J7. Many people ask for this question that How can they Download and Set that sound as their Ringtone. AllSamsungRingtones.Com, will tell you in steps that how you can set/download Samsung Ringtone, in Samsung Galaxy J7.

Open: AllSamsungRingtones.Com, in your browser.

Select any Samsung Ringtone, you want to download for your Samsung J7 or search directly for Samsung J7 Ringtone. Click the selected file

Listen and Download the concerned Samsung Ringtone, for your smartphone or Samsung J7. After downloading the file now go to your Samsung J7 Settings and select the Sounds option

Select the highlighted option

Now again select the highlighted option, given in the above image.

Select the Add more option as highlighted in the above image. It will redirects you to the download folder or the music folder of your Samsung J7 or smartphone. Select the downloaded Samsung Ringtone, file and press OK option .